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Rowanfur Application for Frostfell-Mountains by merlybirds
Rowanfur Application for Frostfell-Mountains


Frostfell-Mountains @ IcyStars

Posted on 24/07/16

▮ General Information ▮

Previous Names
Prefix Meaning
"Rowan" - Rowan is a type of rose plant with white blossoms. She was named for her white/silvery fur and her green eyes.
Suffix Meaning
"Fur" - She has thick, bushy fur.

• Age •
46 moons
• Gender •
• Clan •
• Rank •
Medicine Cat

• Apprentice / Mentor •
• Previous Apprentice •
• Previous Mentor •

▮ Personality ▮



▮ History Facts ▮

Born Rowan, to Delia, a kittypet in a forest nearby a twoleg village, with her brother Sparrow.
She never met her father, but much like him she set out to live a life free from humans.
Rowan and Sparrow left their mother and set off on their journey. At this time they were around 10 moons.
Another 10 moons of Rowan's life would see her less than 10 miles from the clan, those moons spent staying in different places each time.
Rowan never felt safe or at home in any of these places, be it a barn with some farm cats or under a bush with her brother.
Sparrow, however, enjoyed this life. So it was during the littermates' 20th moon that they split. So far she has had no desire to find Sparrow.
Rowan met a friendly tom on her way, named Cow after his white and black patched fur, and they traveled together for a while. They became very close friends and stuck to each other like glue. Rowan was pretty content with her life with Cow, and they found a barn to stay in for a while. Cow was the one who told her about the clans, but he only knew a few things, such as the names and what direction they were in. During a Leafbare in those 14 moons, Cow got sick with whitecough. Rowan used her knowledge to try and heal Cow but it developed into Greencough and Cow passed away. She doesn't tell many about this and currently the only living cat that knows of it is Froststar.
Rowan carried on, and soon found the clans about half a moon later. She was almost 34 moons when she joined the clans, and Skystar was the current leader.
Rowan joined Iceclan, thinking she would fare better in this clan than any other due to her thick pelt.
At first she remained Rowan, but after being accepted she accepted the warrior name Rowanfur.
Rowanfur was always gifted in medicine, her brother and herself had more than a few skirmishes, so she often helped the medicine cat.
When the former medicine cat passed, she became the medicine cat of the clan.
She has been in the clan for 12 moons so far.

▮ Family Information ▮

•• Parents ••

• Mother •
Delia - Kittypet - Norwegian Forest cat
• Father •
Unknown rouge

• Siblings•
• Littermates •
Sparrow - Brother
• Mate •
[x] Open | [] Closed Mates name | [] Too Young
• Kits •
• Other Kin •
An aunt on her mother's side who she was named after - She has never met this relative.

▮ Physical Information ▮

• Breed •
Mixed X Norwegian Forest cat
• Fur Texture •
Thick, Glossy and water-shedding
• Fur Length •
• Build •
Large, tall
• Key Features •
Green eyes and silvery fur, larger than most cats (smaller than a Maine coon, but almost as large due to mother's genetics)

• Scars •
A basic set of scars hidden underneath her long fur, from random fights - Nothing a normal warrior wouldn't have.

• Deformities •

• Scent •
Herbs and honey
• Sexuality •
• Looking For •
Not actively looking for a mate, but wouldn't mind a long term relationship

• Written Appearance •
Rowanfur is a large, thick furred she-cat with moss-green eyes that stand out against her silver tabby coat. She has a fluffy tail, which drags behind her and tough, well-worn paw pads.

▮ Roleplay Information ▮

•• Contact Method ••

• Notes •
• Skype •
Only for large roleplays
• Chats •
Depends on the website
• Comments •

•• RP Ratings ••

• G Rated •
• PG to PG-13 Rated •
• Mature Rated •
• R+ Rated •

• Roleplay Tracker •
Not yet 

▮ Extra Information ▮

• Theme Song(s) •
The Night Is Young - Howling Bells

• Trivia •
She is part Norwegian Forest cat, from her mother
She has both kittypet and rouge blood, but no clan blood
She has a brother, but she does not know if he is currently alive and has no desire to find him.

• Roleplay Sample •
Rowanfur stalked through the tall grass, cursing as she felt grass seeds intertwine and stick to her long fur. Rowanfur always despised Newleaf, no matter how many new kits the bright season brought. "Mousedung" Rowanfur hissed, catching her paw on an especially sharp piece of grass. Rowanfur teased at the thought of going back to camp early, but she knew the Juniper berries she kept in her den were in short supply. Stumbling through the last bit of long grass, she gasped a sigh of relief. She was finally free. Finishing her mission for today, she hurried back towards the camp.

Tagged by :icon137ravenpaw:


~say 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms
~tag 10 personas

1.) Misfits - Nathan
2.) Supernatural - Castiel
3.) Warriors - Hollyleaf
4.) Torchwood - Ianto Jones
5.) The Walking Dead - Dayrl Dixon
6.) Scrubs - J.D
7.) Doctor Who - The 11th Doctor
8.) Undertale - Asriel
9.) Reign - Mary Queen of Scots
10.) Awkward - Jenna Hamilton

I'm not tagging anyone
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